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Grow your food & beverage business in North-America. Increase your sales and brand awareness with IBDC

Impact Business Development Consulting LLC (IBDC) is a New York-headquartered business development and strategy consulting firm dedicated to helping companies in the food, beverage, and hospitality industries scale their business and develop sustainable growth throughout North-America.

IBDC specializes in the development and execution of growth strategies, business development, sales representation, and digital marketing services. Our team’s passion for the food and beverage industry combined with our in-depth experience allows us to create the right strategy and deliver the best results for our clients no matter their size or stage of development. When we partner with you, we will guide you through the process of selecting a sustainable growth strategy for your business to ensure continuous growth in North-America.

IBDC puts its heart and soul into its work to satisfy their clients’ needs.  Trust our team to help you achieve your goals!!!!


Impact Business Development Consulting LLC is a New York-headquartered business development and strategy consulting firm dedicated to helping companies in the Food, Beverage and Lifestyle industries scale their business and develop sustainable growth throughout North-America.

Our personalized services for food and beverage companies

At IBDC, we believe in teamwork. That’s why our experienced food, beverage, and hospitality specialists from different teams work in sync with each other, providing consistency in a range of mission-critical processes.  Our team is made of industry experts who leverage years of experience working with and advising food and beverage brands like yours to help introduce your products and grow your business in the North-American market. Our skilled business developers, marketers, strategists, analysts, managers, and coaches will gladly guide you through:

Go to market strategy and brand positioning: 

Whether you are entering the market or looking to grow in North-America, we will partner with you and conduct preliminary market research to build the best strategic plan for the growth of your business based on our industry expertise, network, and feedback from market experts (e.g. retailers or distributors).

Business and sales management 

Our business development and sales team will leverage their experience and relationships to find the right distribution channels and clients for your company. 

Brand development and digital marketing 

Our marketing team will help you build brand recognition and promote your products to the right audience through our extensive range of digital marketing solutions.

Advisory / Coaching

We’re always eager to share our expertise and insights with you. We encourage you to join our webinars, video conferences, and one-on-one mentoring to help you increase your knowledge and acquire new skills that you need for your business development. 

IBDC offers food & beverage businesses “one-stop” shopping with turnkey solutions, so you can be sure that we got you covered at every stage of your development. We help your business grow via our 360° service platform focused on business advisory, sales, branding, communications, and digital marketing.

If you want to learn more about us and what we can do to help, feel free to ask any questions via email, phone, or the contact form on our website. 


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