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Impact Business Development Consulting LLC (IBDC) is a New York-headquartered business development and strategy consulting firm dedicated to helping companies in the food, beverage, and hospitality industries scale their business and develop sustainable growth throughout North-America.

​IBDC specializes in the development and execution of growth strategies, business development, sales representation, and digital marketing services. Our team’s passion for the food and beverage industry combined with our in-depth experience allows us to create the right strategy and deliver the best results for our clients no matter their size or stage of development. When we partner with you, we will guide you through the process of selecting a sustainable growth strategy for your business to ensure continuous growth in North-America.

IBDC puts its heart and soul into its work to satisfy their clients’ needs. Trust our team to help you achieve your goals!!!!

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Impact Business Development Consulting LLC is a New York-headquartered business development and marketing consulting firm dedicated to helping its clients scale their business and develop sustainable growth in North America.

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Jenny Karnjanavijaya, Trade Commissioner

Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles

“The Canadian Consulate of Los Angeles contacted IBDC for assistance with recruiting panelists for the Canadian Flavours Food Festival in November 2021. The Consulate is very satisfied with the services that were provided by IBDC. Mike and his team went above and beyond the initial requirements and were able to recruit key industry contacts, whom were essential for our event.”

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Rhonda Goldbert, President (US E-Commence bootcamp participant)

Oh! Naturals

“I wanted to learn about new online strategies and get more connected to buyers. The bootcamp and services delivered helped me focus on where to spend my time and money for building online. I liked the team’s expertise in helping guiding Canadian companies.”

Lisa Warkentin, Customer Relations (US E-Commence bootcamp participant)

Birds & Bees Winery Inc.

“We are looking to export into the United States and wanted more information on the markets and distribution channels to explore. IBDC provided great information to help us get started. We don’t do a lot of B2C ecommerce business so we were all very happy to see that there was still a lot of relevant information to our company. Based on the team’s valuable feedback, we have already begun re-branding and shifted our focus when interviewing distributors. We really appreciated the personalized feedback about our company – IBDC really did the research beforehand so it was very insightful.”

Troy Finnigan, CEO (US E-Commence bootcamp participant)

Rok H2O Ltd.

“We wanted to gain a better understanding of e-commerce capabilities and the size of the potential market in the US for our business. Thanks for to the one-on-one assignments, we have a better understanding of the market size and the resources needed to access the US market. The IBDC team is thorough and knowledgeable about the space. I would recommend working with IBDC.”

Marion Helluy, Project Manager – U.S. Branch

The Occitanie Region (USMarket Entry, Webinars / Coaching Sessions)

“We requested Mike’s services for a webinar about the agribusiness in the United States and Canada as well as individual coaching sessions for the producers of the region. We had glowing feedback from our clients who truly enjoyed the high-quality information they were given during both sessions.”

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Les Grands Chais de France (recrutement)

We enjoyed working with a great client and company @Les Grands Chais de France.

“Mike and his team sent us quality applications, which led to the recruitment of an accountant manager whose qualities and skills perfectly match our expectations. We appreciated Mike’s great responsiveness and professional attitude. Our needs were clearly identified and the schedule respected. I recommend collaborating with Mike and his team as it has proven to be very smooth and efficient.”

Les Grands Chais de France (recrutement)

Mike / IBDC nous a transmis des candidatures qualitatives, qui ont débouché au recrutement d’une responsable comptable dont les qualités et compétences correspondent tout à fait à nos attentes. Nous avons apprécié la grande réactivité et le professionnel de Mike. Nos besoins ont bien été cernés, le calendrier respecté. Je recommande la collaboration avec Mike, qui s’est avérée être très fluide et efficace.

Marion Kolmer, Financial controller – group foreign companies

“We really enjoyed working with IBDC and appreciated the team’s reactivity and professionalism. Noémie Schmitt, Human Resources Manager .”

Dr Watins (web development, Social media / SEO)

“Mike and his team have helped us with web development and digital marketing projects. The team is very dynamic and demonstrated great flexibility and customer care to assist us with ongoing needs. Mike is always willing to share useful tips and recommendations to ensure the projects are successful. Overall has had a huge impact on my business and getting our name out there”, NYC firm

FACC – French American Chamber of Commerce NYC

“Mike is a highly engaged and valued member of the FACC network.
He is always willing to connect and share his insights on business development and help our members gain from his robust knowledge and experience in the Food & Beverage industry.”

“Highly recommend Mike and the IBDC team. I really appreciate and value Mike’s responsiveness and the quality content he provides for FACC’s Members to better understand the US Market. IBDC offers a complete 360 service for companies entering or looking to grow in the US market. They work closely with your organization to understand your specific goals and needs and offer a tailored solution aligned with your objectives.”

Bretagne Commerce International

“Nous avons contacté IBDC pour les compétences de Mike pour animer un webinaire sectoriel sur l’agroalimentaire et faire bénéficier de son expertise aux entreprises bretonnes de l’agroalimentaire. Le résultat rendu a été excellent. Ce que nous avons le plus apprécié dans notre collaboration avec Mike est sa réactivité, son efficacité, son sérieux, son expertise, son professionnalisme et sa convivialité. Si vous souhaitez travailler avec Mike et IBDC allez-y les yeux fermés!”

WeWork Labs

“Mike is part of our network of industry experts and has been providing great value to our community thanks to his extensive food and beverage and entrepreneurial background. We are truly grateful for his work, his impact and strongly value his strong passion for the industry and dedication to helping our community of global startups.”

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