Consumers have adapted their eating habits to fit their new lifestyles during Covid-19. As an industry, staying ahead of new Food and Beverage information and industry trends is more important now than ever before. New regulations, restrictions and social behaviors are shaping the way we eat. As a consulting company specializing in the food and beverage industry, IBDC constantly monitors the changing consumer habits. In this article, we will discuss some of the new trends that have been recognized.

Some of the main trends we’re observing are centered around healthier eating. People are spending more time at home, allowing them to consider what food to buy and cook at home. Research shows that consumers are now more conscious of their intake of fruit, reducing the amount of daily sugar and increasing protein consumption. These changes are motivated by people’s newfound willingness to try healthier food trends, habits and diets.

One behavior that has also changed is the increase in snacking. Due to quarantine, people have taken to grazing throughout the day rather than sticking to a three meal regiment. A lot of the behavior change is seen in parents. Because of closed schools and afterschool programs, kids are staying at home, causing parents to become more stressed at home. This between working and finding solutions for child care. Salty snacks have been most popular, but cookie consumption is up 147%, showing significant consumer change.

While some head towards the snack bowl, others commit to the diet they’ve always wanted to try. Since the start of quarantine, reports have shown an increase of 43% of dieting in America. The most popular trend has been Intermittent Fasting. Also, we are seeing consumers beginning to observe healthier ways of cooking at home to lower fat, salt and overall calorie intake. Additional time in the household allows for more meal prep to match diet restrictions.

Although Covid-19 has affected the daily lives of us all, one that connects us is through food. Whether you are reaching for a handful of kettle cooked potato chips or the healthy eating cookbook, Covid-19 has had an effect on everyone’s eating habits. These habits are shaping the future of the Food and Beverage industry and will be influential on how businesses make decisions.

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